A Night at the Zoo Lights


Madisyn Wienstroer, Staff Writer

On December 5th, Señora Holm, the Spanish Club sponsor, took 30 students who are members of the Spanish Club to see the Wild Lights provided by the St. Louis Zoo. The bus departed at 3:15 p.m. and arrived back that night at 8:15 p.m. This is the third year the Spanish Club has gone to see the lights, possibly starting a new Christmas tradition.

While at the Zoo, students were allowed to walk with their own groups and visit different sections of the lights. Along with seeing the lights, students could stop to take pictures, see the penguins and polar bears in their exhibits, stop to get food at the Cafe, get drinks at Starbucks, ride the carousel, and partake in roasting marshmallows. When asked how Señora thought the night went she stated, “The students enjoyed the lights and taking pictures. I felt like everyone had fun!” Visiting the lights with your classmates and friends is a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit and the Spanish Club was thankful Señora gave them the opportunity to go.

Students cross the bridge to enter the St. Louis Zoo.
Students enjoy the penguin exhibit.