Annual Winter Sports Banquet

Madisyn Wienstroer, Staff Writer

The Winter Sports banquet was held on Sunday, March 20th. The Okawville Rockets and Lady Rockets gathered in the Orena at the start of the ceremony. Jon Kraus congratulated the four players who made the Cahokia All-Conference team which include; Ethan Riechmann, Briley Rhodes, Megan Rennnegarbe, and Alayna Kraus. 

Afterward, the boys’ basketball team went to the cafeteria for their awards and the Lady Rockets stayed in the Orena. Numerous awards were given out to players on Fresh/Soph, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. The coaches spoke about the seasons, how the teams and individual players had improved, and then handed out the individual awards. 

For the Junior Varsity Lady Rockets, Coach Paige Kasten awarded Camy Wiedwelt Most Improved, Jenna Hackstadt Free Throw Percentage, Raelyn Obermeier and Madisyn Wienstroer each won Defense, Ellie Frederking Leadership, and Ady Harre the Rocket Award. 

For the Varsity, Michelle Hasheider-Burienek awarded Briley Rhodes Most Steals, Alayna Kraus Free Throw Percentage, Raegan Luechtefeld Lady Rocket award, Megan Rennegarbe won both Defense and Rebounds, and Sydney Tebbe Most Blocks.

For the boys’ Fresh/Soph team Rylan Nelson was given the Leadership award, Bennett Krohne was awarded the Rocket award, and Parker Wiese was awarded Most Improved. 

For the Junior Varsity, Landen Schmersahl was awarded Most Improved, Aiden Anderson received the MVP award, and Rylan Nelson received the Defense award. 

For the Varsity team, Ethan Riechmann won the MVP award, Grant Schleifer received the Defense award, Wilson Welch received the Leadership award, Evan Miller won the Nick Rennegarbe award, and Joseph Jansen received the Most Improved. 

After the ceremony, players gathered for pictures with their awards. Both teams were proud of their seasons and look forward to next year!