Spanish Club Puts on Sweetheart Week

Megan Rennegarbe, Staff Writer

As the month of February comes around, the annual Sweetheart dance creeps up. Along with the dance itself, the Spanish club puts on a Sweetheart dress up week as well. The days for this week include (Feb 13-16); Monday: PJ Day, Tuesday: Valentine Day, Wednesday: Hawaiian, and Thursday: Mathlete vs. Athlete. When normally the dance would be the Saturday following the dress up week, there is a slight change this year. Due to the boys basketball schedule, there is a regional game scheduled for February 18. FFA week is the week after as well so due to these conflicts, Sweetheart week has been moved to where it is now. The Sweetheart dance itself is on February 25. 

Along with the dance, there is a crowning as well. There are a total of 12 candidates this year running for court. Each girl has the opportunity to represent a given organization from the school. The candidates this year include Gabbrielle Bosworth, Kylie Buehler, Ellie Frederking, Jordyn Heckert, Taylor McGranahan, Hannah Miller, Megan Rennegarbe, Briley Rhodes, Paige Riechmann, Kirsten Sale, Macie Staley, and Lexie Todd. The coronation will begin at 7:15 with the dance itself to follow until 10p.m.