Junior High Volleyball set to begin season

Macie Staley, Staff Writer

This year the junior high volleyball team has 56 girls.  Each team has around 14 to 15 girls. A lot of the girls who play volleyball play a lot of other sports.  All the girls just got done with conditioning on their first few practices. The team’s first game is on the 19 of January which is a tournament. The first game starts at 10:00 and they are going to play Steeleville.  The tournament is located in New Athens. The eighth-grade team has 15 players.

I asked some of the volleyball players what they think of volleyball and why they are playing it. This is the first year of playing volleyball for the 5th graders.  Kate Borrenpohl said, ”My mom is a coach and I just found an interest in it, my favorite thing is to pass and to serve.” Jaelyn Going replied, ”My older sister does it and I look up to her, my favorite thing to do is to serve and set.”

This is the 6th graders 2nd year of volleyball.  Camy Weidwilt said, ”It keeps me busy and I really like doing sports and gets to spend time with friends.”  This is the 7th graders’ 3rd year in volleyball. Alayna Kraus said, ”It is really fun to set and to play with my friends at the same time.”  This is 8th grades’ 4th year of playing. They have 8th grade night on the last home game. Jordyn Heckert replied with, ”I have so much fun just playing the game. It makes me a better teammate and I also have the joy of playing with my friends as well.” That is what the 2019 volleyball team is up to and is like.