Seniors take Modified Senior Trip


Megan Rennegarbe, Staff Writer

This year, our seniors and senior sponsors have had to take some creative liberties when choosing where to go on their senior trip. Unlike previous years, they were not allowed to go to Washington D.C. or New York due to the pandemic. However, they still wanted to do something fun and memorable for the students.

This led them to decide on the Union Station in St. Louis. Here is what senior sponsor, Mrs. Lintker, had to say about the events of the trip, “The senior class went to the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station. The class started together by going through the aquarium as a group. Once they were finished, the students were allowed to go through a mirror maze, play miniature golf, ride the carousel, ride the wheel, or climb on the ropes course as time allowed. A number of students also enjoyed going to Build-A-Bear nearby.”

Overall, it sounded like a pretty successful trip! Of course, it wasn’t New York City or Washington D.C. but it was at least a trip, and the seniors for sure made the most out of it!