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2023-2024 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Adysen Harre Co-Editor-in-Chief See Adysen Harre’s profile
See Adysen Harre’s profile
Lydia Luechtefeld Assistant Editor See Lydia Luechtefeld’s profile
See Lydia Luechtefeld’s profile
Bennett Krohne Assistant Editor See Bennett Krohne’s profile
See Bennett Krohne’s profile
Brynn Rhodes Sports Editor See Brynn Rhodes’s profile
See Brynn Rhodes’s profile
Emmalyne Muniz Staff Writer See Emmalyne Muniz’s profile
See Emmalyne Muniz’s profile
Lexy Borrenpohl Staff Writer See Lexy Borrenpohl’s profile
See Lexy Borrenpohl’s profile
Kylie Going Staff Writer See Kylie Going’s profile
See Kylie Going’s profile
Claire Dulle Staff Writer See Claire Dulle’s profile
See Claire Dulle’s profile
Lily Cragen Staff Writer See Lily Cragen’s profile
See Lily Cragen’s profile
Raelyn Obermeier Staff Writer See Raelyn Obermeier’s profile
See Raelyn Obermeier’s profile
Delaney Kuhn Staff Writer See Delaney Kuhn’s profile
See Delaney Kuhn’s profile
Taylor Hettenhausen Staff Writer See Taylor Hettenhausen’s profile
See Taylor Hettenhausen’s profile
Lillian Helbig Staff Writer See Lillian Helbig’s profile
See Lillian Helbig’s profile
Jilien Harre Staff Writer See Jilien Harre’s profile
See Jilien Harre’s profile
Kenley Hackstadt Staff Editor See Kenley Hackstadt’s profile
See Kenley Hackstadt’s profile
Alayna Kraus Staff Editor See Alayna Kraus’s profile
See Alayna Kraus’s profile
Schae Juenger Staff Editor See Schae Juenger’s profile
See Schae Juenger’s profile
Addison Hasheider Staff Editor See Addison Hasheider’s profile
See Addison Hasheider’s profile
Justice Altenbaumer JH Editor See Justice Altenbaumer’s profile
See Justice Altenbaumer’s profile
KateLyn Borrenpohl Photo Editor See KateLyn Borrenpohl’s profile
See KateLyn Borrenpohl’s profile
Laura Cook Co-Editor in Chief See Laura Cook’s profile
See Laura Cook’s profile
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