Firsts All Around

Jared Juenger, Staff Writer

On Saturday. February 3rd, 11 Jr. High entrees performed in Solo and Ensemble at Highland Middle School.  Students played a song for a judge and were rated on how they performed. They could pick a song of their choice they wanted to perform.  Their song could be either a class E, D, C, B, or A with E being the least challenging and A being the most challenging. A student could receive a fourth, third, second, or first with a first being played very well.  If a student did a C, B, or A they could receive a first superior. This means they played the song perfectly! If the students did a C, B, or A piece, and they received and first or first superior, they are able to go to the next level of Solo and Ensemble, which is State Contest.

The students who participated in Solo and Ensemble from Okawville were Tyne Moore and Maggie Sawicki (saxophone duet), Courtney Klasing and Paige Riechmann (saxophone duet), Courtney Klasing (saxophone solo), Kristen Althoff (saxophone solo), Jared Juenger (piano solo), Paige Riechmann (piano solo), Nora Wood (piano solo), Nora Wood (trumpet solo), Mallory Bening (flute solo), Norah Hurst (vocal solo), and Kyle Schwab (French horn solo).  All students received a first place rating. State contest will be on May 4th, 2019.