Boys’ Invitational Golf Tournament

Macie Staley, Staff Writer

The Okawville Boys Invitational Golf meet at Roland Memorial Golf Course went great. Jackson Hecket, Carson Wiese, Dillon Teter, Levi Traub, Brock Fuhrhop, and Lucas Frederking played in the Okawville Invitational. Jackson Heckert shot 87 overall, 43 on the front and 44 on the back. Carson Wiese shot 88 overall, 41 on the front half and 47 on the back half. Dillon Teter shot 87 overall, 41 on the front half and 46 on the back half. Levi Traub shot 98 overall, 42 on the front half and 56 on the back half. Brock Fuhrhop shot 91 overall, 45 on the front half and 46 on the back half. Lucas Frederking shot 100 overall, 50 on the front and back half. The teams overall score was 353, placing 6th out of 13 teams. 


Jackson Heckert had some thoughts on the match, he said,”It was to get to play on a nice day and playing with teammates.” Lucas Frederking said,”It was a cool day outside.” Dillon Teter said,” The food great and I got to meet new people.”