VFW sponsors Patriot’s Pen contest


Laura Cook, Staff Writer

Winners of the Patriots’ Pen Writing Competition were recently announced. This year the writing prompt was, “What Makes America Great?” The contest is nationwide and the writings are judged on how you develop, understand, and present the theme. Students must show knowledge and research through writing. First place went to Madisyn Wienstroer, second place to Lydia Luectefeld, and third place to Sarah Cook.

Out of each class, an estimated seven students will move on to the local level judging, then district, state, and finally nationals. Every student is eligible, and everyone has a chance to win. The top prize for nationals is $5,000 and a trip to Washington D.C. with one parent, if you place in nationals you will get a minimum of $500. The length of the writing has to be between 300 and 400 words or it will be eliminated. The contest is dedicated to encourage a better understanding and appreciation of America and to help foster patriotism in today’s youth. Each year more than 132,000 students enter the contest every year. 

Mr. Barkau was asked how did he think this would positively affect our students. He responded with, “It gets them thinking about the good things in their community and in their lives. I hope it makes them appreciate where they live.” I asked several students and they all thought it would be exciting because you get to compete with a lot of people, and it’s a huge prize if you win. The contest is run by the Veterans of Foreign War, they pick the topic every year.