Scotty Coon crowned King Kahuna at Beach Bum


Macie Staley, Staff Writer

The Okawville Science Club hosted the Beach Bum dance in the cafetorium on October 4, 2019. Science Club sponsor Kim Lintker said, “Everybody that came seemed like they had a great time and I’m glad they actually danced this year which was great.” 

Scotty Coon, a sophomore, won King Kahuna title. There was also a limbo competition with the boys and the girls. The girls’ winner was Zoe Todd and the boys’ winner was Cole Wiedwilt. Included with the games the girls and boys did hula hooping. The girls’ winner was Cindy Snyder and the boys’

winner was Ethan Eckert. After the night was almost over Scotty Coon sang a solo to his favorite song, everyone put on flashlights and swayed to his great song.