Junior Rocket Volleyball holds tryouts

Laura Cook, Staff Writer

Monday, January sixth, the first day of junior high volleyball tryouts for grades 5-8. The other tryout date was January 8th; a separate tryout date was scheduled for the girls in basketball and girls who were cheerleaders on the 10th.

The fifth and sixth-grade tryouts were after school at 3:30-4:30. Seventh and eighth-grade tryouts were held afterward, from 4:30-5:30. The coaches decided to have tryouts this year because of the abundance of girls joining this year.

Around 64 girls tried out over the span of three days. The first day, the girls were tested on their agility, speed, and serving. On the second day, they were judged on their ability to set, serve, spike, and bump.

The coaches for this year are Mr. and Mrs. Frederking and Coach Hesseldenz, Coach H. will be coaching the fifth and sixth-grade teams with Mr. Frederking. Two of the managers this year are Samantha Friess and Sarah Cook, who are in seventh and eighth grade. Every girl got the results the final day of tryouts.