No Prejudice About this Play


Ashley Langenstein, Senior Staff Writer

Every year, Okawville High School’s English teacher, Mrs. Donovan, takes her English four class to see a play based on the book they read in class. This year, the seniors in Mrs. Donovan’s English IV class read the novel Pride and Prejudice. Therefore, on December 12, the class saw Pride and Prejudice at The Repertory Theater on the campus of Webster University in Missouri. The theatre is also called the Loretto Hilton Center for the Performing Arts.

This year, Mrs. Donovan chaperoned twenty-four English four students to the theater. They all got to the theater by taking a school bus for an hour and fifteen minute drive to the Webster University. The class had to meet in the school and then left for their field trip at around eight in the morning.

The Pride and Prejudice play was two and a half hours long with a fifteen minute intermission in the middle of the play. After watching the play, the students and Mrs. Donovan were able to go to Taco Bell or Dairy Queen for lunch before driving back to their school. The group arrived back at the Okawville High School at about two forty-five in the afternoon in time for homeroom.

The overall consensus about the play was that it was even better than the novel, and the play had great actors in it. The students assured their English teacher that they loved their field trip because the play was very entertaining and the actors had a lot of chemistry and talent. Mrs. Donovan has been taking her English IV classes to the theater for a field trip for sixteen years to learn more about the books they read in class, and she most likely won’t stop taking her English IV classes to the theater anytime soon because it is a great learning experience.