Frosh/Soph Rockets Notch First Wins

Jared Juenger, Staff Writer

The freshman and sophomore boys’ basketball teams are continuing to put in the work needed to succeed.  Once school started back up after winter break, the Rockets realized their season was almost over. They practiced nearly every day after school or even sometimes before school.  

The sophomore team traveled to Carlyle on January 18 to play the Indians.  Carlyle has a combined freshman and sophomore team. With a final score of 34-33, the Rockets pulled out a victory!  Welch led the Rockets with a total of 8 points, Clark right behind with 7, along with Wiedwilt and Borrenpohl with 6 apiece.  Traub had 4 points, Borrenman chipped in 2, and Perry with 1. This was a very good and competitive game for the Rockets. Coach Obermeier was very proud of the team.

On January 27, the freshmen traveled to Wesclin to battle against the Warriors.  With a very close and intense game, the Rockets’ game up short by 4 with a score of 41-45.  Teter led the Rockets in scoring with 15 points total. Shubert scored 7, Wilfong with a total of 6, Schleifer had 5, Juenger with 4, Schmersahl had a 3, and Jansen chipped in 1 point.  Wesclin is a bigger school and also has a good basketball team. The Rockets held their own against this competitive team.

The freshmen would then host Carlyle on February 3rd.  This is the same Carlyle team the sophomores played earlier.  Carlyle was out for blood, they wanted a win just as bad as the Rockets did.  Sadly for the Indians, the Rockets defeated them 48-39. Leading for the Rockets in points, Schmersahl had 13, Shubert with 11, and Schleifer with 10 points.  Juenger scored 6, Wilfong and Jansen each with 3 apiece, and Walthes chipped in 2. Overall, the Rockets played really well and worked together as a team. They were also missing starter Dillon Teter.  Coach Obermeier was very proud of the Rockets.

The sophomore team began the Sparta Tournament on February 1st against Pinckneyville.  The outcome was not the way the Rockets hoped for. The team lost 19-58 to the Panthers.  Pinckneyville is a very excellent team and well rounded. The Rockets tried to keep the game interesting, but things were just not going their way.  Welch led the Rockets with 10 points. Followed by Wiedwilt with 5 and Green and Traub with 2 each. Losing this game placed them playing the Trico Pioneers on February 5th.  The Rockets held the lead most of the game until the 4th quarter as it gradually slipped away from them. The game went into overtime with a score of 27-27. Sadly, the Rockets came up short 1 point with a final score of 33-34.  Wiedwilt led with 13 points, followed by Welch with 6, Traub had 5, Green, Miller, and Borrenpohl each had 2 apiece, and Bornemann and Clark both had 1. The Rockets went 0-2 in the tournament not placing.

Both teams have 2 weeks left until their season comes to an end.  The freshmen team has an overall record of 1-9 and the sophomore team is 1-7.  Freshman, Andre Savard, should soon be recovered and return back to playing. The Rockets do not have anymore away games.  They have 4 games left. They will play Central on February 9th, Mater Dei on the 15th, Mascoutah on the 17th, and end their season with Nashville on the 22nd.  Come out and support the Freshman and Sophomore teams! Go Rockets!