Lady Rocket Softball Begins Season

Briley Rhodes, Staff Writer

The 2020 high school softball season is off to a start for the Lady Rockets with their first practice being last Monday.  This year there is a change to the team with Jon Kraus taking over as head coach and assistant Travis Kuhn. Jon Kraus is also the head coach of the Rockets basketball team. 

The team this year consists of 11 players. The two seniors for the squad are Marlee Frederking and Megan Cook. The juniors are Chloe Kraus, Shaye Sawicki, Sevanah Hackstadt, and Bryleigh Prest.  The sophomores are Raegan Luechtefeld, Alyssa Gavin, and Sydney Tebbe. Freshmen are Briley Rhodes and Jordyn Heckert. Although numbers are a little low for the team this year, they are hoping for a very successful season and looking to get better all around.  The team’s goal is to make the softball program more exciting so more people will join within the next couple of years. Junior Chloe Kraus stated, “ I think this team has some good players who are competitors and want to win which should help a lot this season.”