Freshmen/Sophomore Boys’ Basketball Season Comes to an End

Jared Juenger, Staff Writer

The 2019-2020 basketball season has come to an end for the freshmen and sophomores.  I asked freshman Dillon Teter, “How do you think the season went overall?” Teter responded with, “I thought it went alright.  We all need to work on things and hopefully next year we will be ready to play.”

With the season coming to a close, the Rockets, both freshmen and sophomores, had 4 games left.  They started the end of their season against the Central Cougars. The Rockets and Cougars have already played each other once this season at Central High School, but this time they would battle against each other in the O-Rena at OHS on February 10th.  The freshmen fell short 38-72 with Walthes leading the Rockets with 8 points. Followed by Teter with 7, Schleifer had 6, Schmersahl and Shubert both with 5 a piece, Jansen and Savard with 3 each, and Perry to round out the Rockets with 1. The sophomore teams followed.  The Rockets lost to the Cougars 29-65. Traub led with 12, followed by Riechmann with 7, Wiedwilt, Welch, and Perry all with 3 each, and Clark chipped in 1 point.

On February 15th, the Rockets hosted the Mater Dei Knights.  The freshmen lost 27-62 while missing Schmersahl. Teter led the Rockets with 12, Schleifer, Wilfong, and Savard all had 4 each, and Shubert had 3 points.  The sophomore game then followed shortly after. The Rockets fell short 30-65 with leading scorer Welch with 13 points. Wiedwilt had 6, Green and Borrenpohl both had 3 a piece, Traub and Riechmann each chipped in 2, and Borrenman finished with 1.  Mater Dei had two very strong teams, in which the Rockets could not keep up with.

The Rockets would then host Mascoutah on February 17th.  The freshmen fell to the Indians 33-68. Teter led once again with 13, followed closely by Shubert with 11 points, along with Wilfong with 3, and Schleifer and Perry with 2 each.  The sophomore team also lost, with a score of 27-72. Riechmann led the Rockets with 12, Wiedwilt had 8 points, Traub finished with 5, and Clark scored 2 points. Both Mascoutah teams were very strong offensively and defensively.

The Rockets finished their season against the other Washington County School, the Nashville Hornets.  The freshmen Rockets had a slow start and fell to the Hornets 26-46. Teter led with 9, followed by Juenger with 6 points, Shubert had 4, Wilfong had a 3, and Schleifer and Schmersahl each finished with 2.  The sophomore game then followed as the Rockets fell 26-60. Riechman led in points with 14. Wiedwilt and Welch each had 3 a piece, and Bornemann, Traub, and Borrenpohl all finished with 2. All teams gave a great effort in this county battle.

The freshmen ended with a record of 1-13 and the sophomores ended 1-11.  Coach Cameron Obermeier was pleased with both teams’ efforts for the year, even with the ups and downs throughout the season.  He thanked them for all of their hard work and told them he was proud of them. He hopes to see all of the freshmen back next year and to see the sophomores move onto the next level.