Varsity Boys’ Basketball Celebrates Senior Night

Nicholas Rulevish, Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday, February 18, the boy’s basketball team celebrated their senior members of the team.  There are only two senior members on the team, Jackson Heckert and Ethan Bening. They both started the game against a much improved Sparta team compared to previous years.  Jackson “Grande” Heckert put up a solid double-digit performance game. Ethan Bening had only two points, but it came at the right time. Near the end of the game, Sparta was just barely holding on.  Bening made a pull-up jumper that really sealed the game for the Rockets. The fans went crazy along with the players on the bench. It was a great scene when Heckert and Bening were individually taken out of the game at different points in the fourth quarter so the fans and players could give them both standing ovations to show their gratitude for all they’ve done.  The Rockets ended up winning by about 20 points.  

They weren’t the only ones honored on Tuesday.  There were four senior cheerleaders and seven band members as well.  All of the seniors deserve quite a lot for their efforts these past four years.