Softball Eighth Grade Night

Laura Cook, Junior High Editor

Thursday the tenth was this year’s softball eighth-grade night. The eighth-graders this year were Camy Wiedwilt, Hailey Kolweier, Jenna Hackstadt, Laura Cook, Sarah Cook, Claire Dulle, Kaylyn Cragen, and Lacy Vuichard.

Kaylyn Cragen started off pitching, pitching 78 pitches over the course of four innings before Laura Cook came in as the relief pitcher. Sarah Cook caught the whole game, and Camy Wiedwilt led off hitting. The ending score was 10-0, a crushing defeat for Okawville. Spirits were not dampened after the game for the celebration of the eighth graders. The coaches are Haylee and Houston Bowers; their record at the time of eighth-grade night was 4-4. A pretty good season.