Junior Rocket Baseball Eighth-Grade Night


Laura Cook, Junior High Editor

Thursday, September the tenth, was Eighth-Grade Night at Okawville Junior High. With a loss of 7-5, the excitement of the night was not dulled. The eighth-graders recognized this year were Grant Moody, Parker Wiese, Aidan Anderson, Nick Hrabusicky, John Schaller, Calvin Maynard, Hayden Heintz, and Thor Gavin. The team is coached by Rick Gaebe and Jackie Smith and is managed by Kyle Schwab.

Aidan Anderson started off pitching, throwing 5 innings before being relieved by Parker Wiese, who threw only two innings. Hayden Heintz caught and led off batting for the boys, showing determination and leadership. Grant Moody was the hitter of the night, getting one RBI and three base hits. Their record for this year was 7-1 as of Eighth-Grade Night, and the team has been improving throughout the season. As the eighth graders move on to high school, they’ll be leaving behind their two seventh-graders, Braxton Rennegarbe and Landon Shubert.