New Year Means New Leaders

Hannah Miller, Staff Writer

Every new school year means that classes have to vote for new leaders to represent their class. People sign up to be added to the ballot for each grade. Then students from their grade find a day to vote for who they think will represent their class well. The offices that are voted for are President, Vice president, Secretary, and Treasurer. Then the teacher or teachers who are class sponsors count the votes and later announce who won. The responsibility of the class officers is to make choices for the grade and to put together fundraisers to raise money for prom and class trips along with many other things.

The Senior Class officers are President: Bryleigh Prest, Vice President: Bella Auer, Secretary: Amy Koch, and Treasurer: Daniel Jansen.

The Junior Class officers are President: Zoe Todd, Vice President: Sydney Tebbe, Secretary: Wilson Welch, and Treasurer: Alyssa Gavin.

The Sophmore Class officers are President: Hannah Miller, Vice President: Jared Juenger, Secretary: Ellie Frederking, and Treasurer: Joseph Jansen.

The Freshman Class officers are President: Owen Borrenpohl, Vice President: Raelyn Obermeier, Secretary: Lydia Luechtefeld, and Treasurer: Alayna Kraus.