OHS is now 1:1 with the addition of Chromebooks

Lydia Luechtefeld, Staff Writer

The start of school has rolled around again, but this year is a bit different. Schools across America are forced to go to remote learning because of Covid-19. Okawville Jr/Sr. High School has taken a different approach to learning than other schools. Their small numbers have given them the chance to go to school fully in person.

The school has taken extra precautions to keep students safe and healthy while helping them get the best learning opportunity possible given these unique circumstances. Students, teachers, and faculty are required to wear masks at all times with the exception of lunch. Desks and other classroom items are sanitized after each class period. Hand sanitizer is given out regularly between classes. The custodians have been working harder than ever to help keep the
school clean and germ-free.

This may feel a little different but some good things have come out of this. The school has purchased enough computers for the whole high school. Every student now has a computer to use in case we would ever have to go remote. The computers have given students and
teachers different tools to learn and teach with. “The addition of Chromebooks has allowed teachers multiple ways of teaching students.  However, we all should be careful not to let this new technology distract us from what’s happening in class,” said Mrs. Donovan.