New Members Added to Student Council

Bennett Krohne, Sports Editor

Student Council acquired a new set of officers for the new school year. This year’s Student Council president is Bryleigh Prest. Her vice president is Zoe Todd. The treasurer is Amy Koch, and the secretary is Chloe Kraus. The Public Relations officer is Nathan Lintker, and Wilson Welch is security. Megan Schleifer was the former President of the Student Council, so she dealt with the voting process this year. 

The election for new members of the Student Council took place, also. This year’s 7th-grade members are Landan Pierce, Eva Tooley, Alexis Jarden, and Emma Borgmann. The 8th-grade members are Sydney Charles. The freshmen class elected Ady Harre, Raelyn Obermeier, Lydia Luechtefeld, and Bennett Krohne. The new sophomore member was Megan Rennegarbe. The junior elected was Alyssa Gavin. The senior elected was Nick Rulevish. When asked, Clara Dressler, the Student Council adviser, said, “The voting process was easier, but also harder, because it was hard to get everyone to check their emails to vote.” Last year the ballots were on paper, but this year, the ballots were on the computer.