Lady Rocket Basketball practices on IHSA contact days

Briley Rhodes, Assistant Editor

Although things look a little different on the basketball court right now, the important thing is that the girls’ basketball team is able to practice.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the team now has to wear a mask while practicing and be sure to maintain a good distance when possible.   During drills, lines are spaced out and few people are at each basket.  During scrimmaging and all drills when a player comes out, they have to sanitize their hands.  After practice, all of the basketballs must be sanitized also. 

Players attending these open gyms are seniors: Chloe Kraus, Sevanah Hackstadt, and Shaye Sawicki.  The juniors are Raegan Luechtefeld and Sydney Tebbe.  The sophomores are Briley Rhodes, Ellie Frederking, Jordyn Heckert, and Megan Rennegarbe.  New to this year are a lot of freshmen: Alayna Kraus, Ady Harre,  Dylan Benson, Madisyn Wienstroer, Raelyn Obermeier, Annie Culli, Tyne Moore, Maggie Sawicki, Norah Wood, Madalina Ehret, Mallory Bening, Addi Wiechert, and Kylie Going. 

I asked Raegan Luechtefeld how she feels about the changes during practices and she said, “The changes make practice different and can be hard to get used to, but they are worth following in order to practice together again.”