Girls’ Golf Ends Regular Season


Macie Staley, Staff Writer

Girls Golf was a success this year. They had another great season, only losing by 1 in regionals. Chloe Kraus (12) advanced to sectionals/State and did an amazing job with a score of 85. She had also won the girls regional all around with a score of 75. Sadly this is her last year in orange and blue as with Amy Koch and Katelyn Alvis. Over the year though, many players showed their skills and played their hardest to be in the top 6. At the end of the season Taylor Hettenhausen (9), Macie Staley (10), and Avery Killion (11) were in those places and also played in regionals. They won some and lost some, but overall their coach was very happy with how this season went. 

One of the team members had some words to say. Chloe Kraus says, “ I am going to miss the team the most. No matter what we always had fun whether that was before matches, after matches, during practice, bus rides, etc. All 4 seasons will always be memorable. My senior season was one to remember. I have accomplished more individually than I ever thought possible and I have put so much hard work into this sport and to see it pay off is exciting. We have also accomplished more as a team than anyone could’ve thought. People doubted us, yet we almost made the cut for advancing to sectionals as a team.”