We made it through the first quarter!

Jordyn Heckert, Staff Writer

The Okawville High School students and staff responded very well to the Covid-19. We are still continuing to go to school in person, which is impressive considering that most of the schools around us are mostly remote, or even fully remote.

The first quarter has passed, which means we are now in the second quarter. We have made it a lot farther than we expected. Some things that the students and staff are doing to help prevent the spread is: wearing a mask the whole time, maintaining 6-feet apart, washing and sanitizing their hands numerous times throughout the day, and spraying down the desks after each class period with disinfectant. It seems like this is working pretty well for us, and we’re hoping to continue that.

A couple of students and administrators for Okawville High School were asked the question: What are your thoughts and reaction on not switching to remote schooling? Briley Rhodes (sophomore) says, “I thought it was a very good thing that we stayed in person the whole time. Going to remote would have been very difficult for students as it is easier to learn in person.”

Grant Schleifer (sophomore) replied, “I am not really shocked we stayed in school during the first quarter because our county’s cases were very low and none of the students had Covid in the first quarter.”

Ellie Frederking (sophomore) answered, “Well in the beginning it kind of made me nervous about going to school in person, just because of how fast the virus can spread and with my mom working in a hospital and hearing what it did and has done to people. But I also think that it was a smart decision to do in person because it’s so much better to learn in person than through a screen and you actually learn something then. When we are in school we are paying attention better and more aware of what’s going on. Also, going back to school gave us a sense of normalcy that everyone of us kids could use from being in the stay at home order for so long.”

Principal Keith Senior responded, “We are doing everything we can to not have to go remote learning. It has been a huge success this year with us going in person and we know the benefits of our students here are much greater than being on remote learning. Students being together, even if it’s six feet apart, is still some social time that would not be possible if we are on remote learning and that small amount of social time is healthy for all students. Everyone involved has to take responsibility for keeping us in-person learning rather than remote, our decisions outside the school can have major impacts whether we are in school or remote learning.” 

On another note, the Lions Club and the Parties with a Purpose were very generous and provided candy and ice cream treats for the students.