Music Spring Semester Plans

Laura Cook, Junior High Editor

Although it may look different, music is still continuing to be made at Okawville. This semester, the music program will continue to be very active. The always exciting and annual Solo and Ensemble competition will be available to any student that wants to participate, but virtually instead of traveling to another school. The performances of the students will be just as wonderful, however, with exciting harmonies and solos.

In addition to Solo and Ensemble, the choir students will be preparing music in hopes of having a concert, whether recorded or live. Band, however, will wait until it’s warm enough to practice outside in the park with the full group. Until that time comes, grades 5-12 band students have been working on a whole new style of music, Bucket Percussion. The extremely loud, but quite fun format will be creatively performed for the band’s new sound. No pandemic will stop these students from coming together and sharing their music with the world!