Sophomore Class Supports Local Businesses

Jared Juenger, Assistant Editor

The Okawville High School sophomore class’s fundraiser this year was a gift certificate raffle.  Students decided to sell raffle tickets for gift certificates to local businesses to raise money.  Not only were they raising money for their future class events, but they were also trying to help local businesses, as the threat of COVID-19 is hurting many small-town businesses.  As a result, the class agreed to give every student twenty tickets to sell to family, friends, and the community.  They also decided to have each student pay an additional five dollars to help purchase the gift certificates.  With the money from the raffle tickets and the additional five dollars, they bought six $50 gift certificates from local businesses.  Those businesses included Original Springs Hotel and Restaurant (Okawville), Killion’s Auto Body (Okawville), a gas card from Circle K (Okawville), Eagle’s Nest (Addieville), Lee’s Variety and Sports (Nashville), and El Indio (Nashville).

The class officers, Hannah Miller (president), Jared Juenger (vice president), Ellie Frederking (secretary), and Joseph Jansen (treasurer), along with the class sponsor, Mrs. Hormann, organized and collected money and tickets from students.  They drew first, second, and third place winners on Friday, January 15.  The first-place winner was Paul Staggs, sold by Savannah Borrenpohl.  He received fifty-dollar gift cards to the Original Springs, Killion’s Auto Body, and a gas card to Circle K.  The second-place winner was Marlene Wolf, sold by Maci Wolf.  She won fifty-dollar gift cards to Eagle’s Nest and Lee’s Variety and Sports.  Third place went to Randy Kirkpatrick, sold by Jared Juenger.  His prize was a fifty-dollar gift card to El Indio.

Overall, the sophomore class raised $998.  This money will go toward future events for the class, such as prom, senior trip, and other class activities in the future.  Mrs. Hormann, the class sponsor, said, “I feel the fundraiser went well considering all of our COVID obstacles.”  Fundraising was much different this year as the pandemic continues.  She also added, “Most students participated by selling tickets and donating $5 toward the purchase of the gift cards.  Could possibly be done again next year for a junior fundraiser!”  The sophomore class did a great job with this fundraiser.  Not only were they happy to raise money for their class, but to also attract business to local businesses as they suffer from the COVID-19 restrictions.