District hires new superintendent


Jordyn Heckert, Staff Writer

Mr. Fuhrhop has been our superintendent for 14 years. He submitted his intent to retire 4 years ago and has decided that he is going to retire after this school year is over. Mr. Fuhrhop has done many great things for our school over the years, and as we’re all sad to see him leave, this opened up an opportunity for a new superintendent. After many interviews with different applicants, our school board has decided that our current principal, Keith Senior, would be a great fit for the job. Kurt Heckert, School Board President, said, “After interviewing many very good candidates, Mr. Senior being among those candidates, we felt that Mr. Senior was the best fit for us. He showed remarkable energy and innovative plans for our school district. His knowledge of the buildings and campus, and his familiarity with our community was a bonus. We ultimately felt that Mr. Senior was the best person to lead our schools and to help our students reach their goals while being fiscally responsible with the taxpayers’ money.”

Asking Mr. Senior the question, “Why did you choose to apply for the Superintendent’s job?” he replied, “I have been in roles in the past in education where I lead a school from the top of the chain, it is very difficult work, but it’s what I thrive on. I feel that at this time, I know this district very well, therefore I have the ability to make informed decisions for the best of our students and staff, our district, and our community. Over the past six years, Mr. Fuhrhop has continually groomed me to be where I am, able to make decisions by collaborating with others to do what’s best for all involved. With the help of our amazing staff, we hope to lead the district to continue the success that this district has had for a long time.”

Mr. Furhop said, “I’m excited for Mr. Senior to take on this job, and I think he is wonderful for the job because he knows the district well and he cares about the students, which is the number one thing. I’m looking forward to slowing down and not having to answer the phone 24/7 after my retirement. I’m excited to have more time to enjoy with my family and living in warmer weather once I move to Florida. I’m also looking forward to ‘surfing with ma dawg’ Napoleon.”