Finally time for some hoops!


Briley Rhodes, Assistant Editor

Winter sports have been given the go-ahead to start.  As of last Monday, practices started but were only no contact so only dribbling and ball-handling were allowed.

On Thursday, our region moved into Phase 4 and was able to begin contact practices with scrimmaging. Also, a part of this phase was we are able to play games with people in our region.  Luckily for us, we were able to join the Cahokia Conference a year early. 

Both girls and boys teams will play Carlyle, Breese Central, Columbia, Freeburg, Salem, and Wesclin. They will play each of these teams twice, once away and once at home. The IHSA has already stated that there will be no postseason play. 

Another thing is during games players must wear masks at all times. Chairs will be spaced out from each other on the bench also. Since players will be wearing masks, during each quarter there will be a 90-second mask break at the five-minute mark.

Although these circumstances aren’t ideal, all players are happy they are at least getting to play. One downfall of everything is only 50 fans are allowed to be watching the games, a schedule has been created some nights it will be students others it will be parents. I asked senior Chloe Kraus how she feels about the situation.  She said, “I am just so happy that we get to play! This team is a great group of girls and it is just so fun getting to be around everyone!