Junior High Volleyball celebrates Eighth-Grade Night

Laura Cook, Junior High Editor

February 27th was the end of the Jr. High volleyball season for this year; it also happened to be the girls’ eighth-grade night. The eighth-graders on the team this year were Claire Dulle, Camryn Wiedwilt, Laura Cook, Hailey Kolweier, Isabella Welch, Jenna Hackstadt, Sidney Charles, Makenna Gabrovic, Alyssa Statler, Lacy Vuichard, and eighth-grade manager Sarah Cook. 

The team faced Albers, going into a third match but ultimately losing. Everyone from the away team was cleared out before the celebration began, but the actual event went on as normal. With lots of pictures and smiles, the normal season for the girls came to an end, with only regionals left to play.