Jr Lady Rockets Take the Field

Brynn Rhodes, Staff Writer

The Okawville Jr. Lady Rockets softball team has 14 players on the team this year. The 8th graders on the team consists of Lily Helbig, Caroline Tepe, KateLyn Borrenpohl, Rylan Senior, Lizzy Jannett, Abby Brenfleck, and Jaelyn Going. The 7th graders on the team are Jilien Harre, Brynn Rhodes, Kenley Hackstadt, Addi Hashieder, Lily Cragen, Schae Juenger, and Cadee Wiedwilt. 

I asked Coach Haylee Bowers and Coach Houston, “Are you excited about this season?” Coach Bowers replied, “Yes, I am excited! We have talent that I think we can go far with.” I asked Coach Houston the same question. “Yes,” he began, “So we can continue our regional ship streak.”

The Jr. Lady Rockets are off to a great start, going 2-2 so far this season. In the first game they played, they took on Pinckneyville. The Lady Rockets started off slow, but in the 6th inning, they started rattling their bats and got some big hits. They ended up losing their first game 5-3. In their second game, they played Wesclin. They started hitting off the pitcher early in the game, defeating the Warriors 12-2. In the third game, they took on Mascoutah. Each inning Mascoutah would score more runs. Then the Lady Rockets would come back and tie it. The game went into an international tiebreaker. The Lady Rockets fought hard but lost 9-8 in the 8th inning. In their fourth game, they battled against Carlyle. They came ready to play and scored 8 in the first inning. They ended up winning the game 16-3. They will take on the Nashville Hornets on Monday the 30th.