Start of Volleyball


Megan Rennegarbe, News/Features Editor

Once again, the Okawville Lady Rockets prepare for the start of their volleyball season. Things are looking good for the team as they are back to their normal schedule with an extensive amount of games.

Their opening week was a busy one with three games. The first game of the week was on Monday against Greenville. The scores of the games included; Freshman: 17 –  21 and 16 – 21, JV: 25 – 20 and 25 – 10, and Varsity 25 – 16 and 25 – 17. JV and Varsity player, Maci Wolf, had an excellent attacking game with seven kills in the JV game.

The next game was on Tuesday against Marrisa. The scores of those games included; Freshman: 21 – 14 and 21 – 5, JV: 25 – 14 and 25 – 17, and Varsity: 25 – 16 and 25 – 13. Freshman player, Hailey Kowlweier, had four assists during this game. The last game of the week was against Nashville. The scores of those games included; Freshman: 10 – 25 and 22 – 25, JV: 15 – 25 and 17 – 25, and Varsity: 10 – 25 and 17 – 25. Sophomore Varsity player, Madisyn Wienstroer, had a great serving game against Nashville with two aces.

The ladies are off to an excellent start, and they have high expectations for the future. This is what senior Sydney Tebbe had to say, “For this season, I hope to grow as a team and win our first ever regional. I would also like to win over half of our games. That way it will make for a good season.”

The Okawville gym is back open to visitors, and that means spectators are allowed at games once more! If you are free, come and stop by to watch the Lady Rockets play!