Future Business Leaders of America

Laura Cook, Sports Editor

The FBLA is a club that we have here at Okawville that will be starting up soon. Anyone can join, freshman through senior. The meeting to recruit members has already taken place, but people are still welcome to join. FBLA is a program for students, run by the new business teacher, Mr. Kevin Kenow, that completes objectives throughout the year and partakes in leadership courses. The club will also possibly compete in the state and national competitions as well this year. FBLA is there to help develop leadership skills, and to provide leadership positions in a work-like environment.

The big project that the club is doing this year is creating their own business by making and selling a product that the students themselves come up with and make. The work on this project will be divided among three groups: the business class, the marketing class, and FBLA itself. The business class will be coming up with the idea for a product and producing it, and the marketing class will be marketing for the product. FBLA will be selling and distributing the product. Most of the profit from this business will be donated to the March of Dimes. The club will manage everything with the money themselves. 

The program that the club will be following day today is called FBLA Success Starts Here. The four-part program is based on points for each thing that the club does on the list, such as hosting events or completing fundraiser goals. This is a national program that our FBLA club can compete with other groups on. This program helps to build a community that can help each other reach their goals and a young community of up-and-coming entrepreneurs.