Okawville Band Brings Back Old Marching Uniforms

Gabriel Charles, JH Staff Writer

In preparation for the Wheat Festival Parade, band students had the opportunity to go to band camp August 2 through August 6 to start learning the music and marching techniques. The band would also regularly practice during school. Mr. Recker said, “The band has been doing really well with the music.”

The band has also been marching outside and learning how to memorize two songs, Patriotic Parade Sequence and Feel It Still. The High School band and Jr. High band practice separately at school, but will eventually start practicing together.  The two bands march together in the parade, so this will give them opportunities to get a feel for tempo and marching together.  With the Wheat Fest only three weeks away, they still have some time to fix some small mistakes.

This year, the band has decided that they are going to wear marching uniforms. These classic orange and blue uniforms will make the band look more professional than the polos and dress pants they usually wear. They do need some hemming and alterations, but many volunteers have offered to help fix them all.

Both bands cannot wait for the performance and have been practicing really hard for it. The Wheat Festival Parade is on Sunday, September 19 at 2 p.m.