Get to Know the New Grade School Principal, Mrs. Ganey

Hannah Miller and Ellie Frederking, Staff Writers

Mrs. Amanda Ganey is the new principal at Okawville Grade School. Mrs. Ganey is a mom to two boys; Micheal and Ryland. They are her everything and she wanted to be a mom long before she wanted to be a teacher or principal. 

Mrs. Ganey first worked as a 4th then 2nd-grade teacher at Mascoutah Grade School. But after wanting to seek more authority she then moved on to become an assistant principal at O’Fallon District 90 in both Marie Schaefer Elementary and Moye Elementary for 2 years. 

She has always wanted to go into Administration and move high up in the ranks. She applied to as many principal positions in the area as she could, Okawville being the first, and then she accepted the job. Mrs. Ganey loves all of the students and the teachers in the community and also loves that we are a small school district so she gets to build real and true relationships with the students and the staff. Meeting everyone from the custodians to the teachers is definitely one of Mrs. Ganey’s favorite parts of being at Okawville.

Moving to Okawville and a brand new district has also presented Mrs. Ganey with some struggles, however. Having a brand new staff is one of the harder parts for her, trying to meet and learn things about everyone. She says “It’s like being a new teacher, always getting new students, and a new staff every year.”But the biggest challenge that she has faced is the Master Schedule which she had to figure out since our school is K-12. Outside of school, transitioning with her family and kids was very difficult but they are adjusting.

Mrs. Ganey has big plans for the school and has lots of great ideas that she has brought to the table. Her heart has always been with curriculum and instruction and she plans on bringing AIM to the school that she found out about through a teacher meeting that she went to. 

Mrs. Ganey is having no problem fitting into our school, and the changes that she is planning to make are in hopes to make our school a better place. We are very fortunate to have her here and excited to see all of the things she will bring to our school.