Yearbook has New Menu at Wheat Fest Food Stand

Schae Juenger, JH Staff Writer

The Yearbook staff at Okawville Jr/Sr High School works the Pie Stand at the Wheat Fest every year.  This year, however, there will be no homemade pie.  I asked Mrs. Donovan, the yearbook adviser, why there will be no pie in this year’s stand and she said, “We aren’t making homemade pie because of a few unforeseen circumstances, but mostly due to the COVID guidelines for masking and spacing in school.” She also said, “It would be extremely difficult to maintain those guidelines with 30 or more people in the kitchen baking. We are, however, trying to offer some sort of alternative for a dessert, we just haven’t made a final decision.”

Even though there is no pie this year the yearbook staff will still have a food stand. What will be on the menu you may ask?  Mrs. Donovan said, “All of the other regular menu items will be available. We will have coffee, tea, hot dogs, chili, chili dogs, and nachos.”  There will still be a good selection of yummy foods without the pie.

I asked Mrs. Donovan, “Do you still think you will have a good turnout this year since there is no pie?”  Mrs. Donovan said, “I know that not having our regular homemade pie will be disappointing, but I hope that doesn’t stop people from coming to see us!  This is not a permanent decision; we hope we will be able to have our pies back next year!”  Hopefully, everyone still supports the Yearbook Food Stand because they still have great options without the pie.  The Wheat Fest is September 17th -19th.  Go buy some delicious food from the yearbook food stand to support their needs for the school year!