Mrs. Krueger’s Retirement


Justice Altenbaumer, Jr. High Staff Writer

Mrs. Krueger has been working at Okawville Jr./Sr. High School for 15 years now and is planning to retire at the end of this school year.  When I asked her why she wanted to retire she said, “I’m not sure how to answer it other than to say it is the next step in my life.” She has been the school district’s bookkeeper and her primary duties are to manage and process the financial responsibilities of running a school. 

She went to college for bookkeeping for 3 years before coming to Okawville. She also graduated college with a business degree and a concentration in marketing. She has mainly worked at jobs that involved finance, most being some kind of bank or accounting firm. She has always enjoyed working with numbers and customer service.

Mrs. Krueger said the most rewarding aspect of working here at Okawville was knowing that she supported all of the staff so they could do their passion of teaching and guiding students to education. She said, “The students are a future here, and helping them grow and develop into mature adults is a very fulfilling goal. I’m thankful to be here and to be a small part of this and especially to be a Rocket!”

She says she enters the next part of her life with mixed feelings. She is proud of her job and what she does. She will miss being a part of the West Washington County School but knows she did her best every day. Mrs. Krueger always tried to help the staff and assist them with any questions they had. She says most students don’t even know who she is, but she doesn’t care. After retirement,  she plans to get a part-time job possibly at a bakery. We will miss her and we appreciate what she has done for us. Thank you, Mrs. Krueger!