OHS Elects Class Officers

Megan Rennegarbe, News/Features Editor

As the new school year begins, new officers are appointed for various organizations, one of which is class officers. The elections were held via Google Forms sent out by the class sponsors. Candidates would have to sign a piece of paper with their name and what position they were wanting to have to be put on these ballots. There are four different positions which include; President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

Starting off with the senior class, there is Evan Miller as President, Wilson Welch as Vice President, Gracie Nelson as Secretary, and Erin Nilles as Treasurer. In this position, the officers are responsible for figuring out the details of the senior trip and other senior affiliated events such as senior breakfast or potluck. Here is what President Evan Miller had to say about his hopes for the year, “I am very hopeful that we will be able to do all of the fun senior year things that we used to do before. We are going to try our hardest to get a senior trip and senior potluck and get back to as close of a normal year as we can”

In the Junior class, there is Hannah Miller as President, Jared Juenger as Vice President, Ellie Frederking as Secretary, and Jordyn Heckert as Treasurer. In this year, the junior officers are stuck with the daunting task of planning prom. To plan the prom, they have to hold certain fundraisers to make funds for the event, sort out themes and decorations, and also collect dues for the next year’s senior trip. President Hannah Miller said this about planning prom, “We are very hopeful that we will be able to have as much of a normal prom as we can. We have already started making plans such as themes and fundraisers to try to have the best prom we can.” 

For the sophomores, there is Adysen Harre as President, Raelyn Obermeier as Vice President, Alayna Kraus as Secretary, and Madisyn Wienstroer as Treasurer. This class’s main goal is to start raising money for the prom they have to plan and also collect dues for the senior trip. Class President Adysen Harre said this about their ideas for fundraising, “As class president, I made it a goal to come up with a unique and engaging fundraising event. After brainstorming with the other officers, having a themed trivia night or a bags tournament for the school staff, community, and students to come together and raise money for the sophomore class would be a really neat idea!”

Last but not least, the freshman officers include Camy Wiedwilt as President, Aidan Anderson as Vice President, Bella Welch as Secretary, and Caleigh Friedrich as Treasurer. The freshman class mostly has the same responsibilities as the sophomore class. They need to collect dues and plan fundraisers. Camy Wiedwilt, the class President, said this about what she hopes to accomplish as president, “We have yet to come up with any fundraising ideas, but we are trying to find something not too overused.”

Class fundraisers are going to be very important this year, due to not many fundraisers last year because of COVID.  This year, however, fundraisers will be more important than ever as classes try to make up for the loss of last year.