Additions to the Okawville Student Council

Ellie Frederking, Staff Writer

The Okawville Student Council is a club dedicated to the community and doing things for our town and school. Every year they do numerous activities and volunteer events for our town to support and help the place we call home. With this being said, each year the Student Council nominates new members to keep the club running and growing. The seventh grade nominates four people and then the eighth grade nominates one more, but members have to be renominated once they reach high school. So in high school, the freshman class nominates four new members, and then every grade up only adds one new member each year. However, if more students run than the number which can get elected, four students are allowed to become honorary members.  

Multiple seventh-graders ran this year, and the new members are as follows; Brynn Rhodes, Schae Juenger, Emma Vuichard, and Jilien Harre. The organization also gained an eighth grade member, Caroline Tepe. The high school also added quite a few new members this year and the freshmen included Camy Weidwilt, Calvin Maynard, Thor Gavin, and Isaiah Auer,  along with Jenna Hackstadt, Caleigh Friedrich, Claire Dulle, and Laura Cook as their honorary members. They also gained a new member for the sophomore class this year, Rylan Nelson.  The junior class had no candidates run. Finally, the senior class added one new member to the Student Council, Levi Traub. Being a part of the Student Council is a big deal and who the school decides to nominate each year is taken into great consideration. They represent the student body at Okawville and are honored to get to serve their community for the good of their school and town.

Along with class elections for Student Council, they also elected new officers.  This year’s President is senior Zoe Todd.  The President helps organize all of the events put on by the Student Council, the main event being Homecoming later this fall.  The Vice President is junior Jared Juenger, Secretary is junior Megan Rennegarbe, with Public Relations as senior Raegan Luechtefeld, and Treasurer senior Alyssa Gavin.  The OHS Student Council is advised by Mrs. Clara Dressler.