Jr Rockets Keep Fighting

Jilien Harre, JH Staff Writer

Junior High Rockets’ baseball continue their season with a record of 0-12. They started their week off on Tuesday, September 7 playing Freeburg at home. The Jr. Rockets lost 17-7.  The next day they played Hoyleton at home and lost 15-0.  They then put up a good fight against Carlyle but lost 7-3 at Carlyle.  They have been working hard this season, but can’t seem to catch a win. This week they play St.Anns/TSJ (Nashville), New Athens, Centralia, and Breese.  Good luck to the Jr. Rockets this week!

  In an interview with 7th graders on the team, Braylen Turner said, “I play shortstop and pitcher.” When asked how he thought the season was going, he stated, “It’s a little rough but we have come close, and we have been getting better.” Braylen also has hopes to go far in Regionals. 

The baseball athlete says he admires the sport because: “You can be any size and any speed to play, and it is a team sport.”  He also greatly appreciates Coach Gaebe. Braylen said, “He is a very good coach, he is funny, keeps us going, and makes us believe we are going to win.”  All in all, Braylen said that you can’t win them all, but you can win one.