Model UN Takes Action

Laura Cook, Sports Editor

Model UN is an organization that simulates the United Nations general assembly; each student is an ambassador for a different country, and they debate different topics. In this club, the students divide their time between five steps to prepare for their competitions in November and March. First, they research their country’s view on a certain topic and try to find a solution to the topic that their country can fulfill, and one that would be passed by the rest of the countries. There are all kinds of topics, such as gender equality, child labor, climate change, tourism, and global health plans. When the club travels to their competitions at McKendree University, they will take the resolutions they have written, and debate and negotiate their resolutions with students from other schools, who represent different countries. After discussing their resolutions, all of the countries vote on which resolutions they think will work. 

This program connects like-minded students from around the area who are passionate about solving global issues. It’s empowering young students with the tools and experiences that prepare them to be the next generation of global leaders. Model UN helps students develop confidence in speaking publicly and working with others to achieve shared goals. The club helps to develop communication skills and uses critical thinking to problem-solve. This academic-focused club provides opportunities for students to gain internships or scholarship opportunities. These students are learning how to take action to solve problems from local to global scales. Join today to become a part of the experience!