Lady Rocket Golf Improves as Season Wraps Up


Jon Kraus

Conference Champions!!

Taylor Hettenhausen, Staff Writer

The Lady Rockets continue their season with more matches and competitions through September. Luckily, they have been both very busy and very successful. 

One of their matches was on September 1st, at Nashville playing with Chester and Mascoutah. The lowest score for Okawville was Taylor Hettenhausen (So) with a 48, Macie Staley (Jr) – 52, Avery Killion (Sr) – 55, Bella Welch (Fr) – 56, Erin Nilles (Sr) – 57, and Paige Riechmann (Jr) – 69. The team score was 211. 

On September 2 at home vs. Columbia, the low scorer from Okawville was Taylor Hettenhausen (So) – 48, Macie Staley (Jr) – 49, Avery Killion (Sr) – 55, Bella Welch (Fr) – 56, and Paige Reichmann (Jr) – 76. Team score – 208. 

On September 7 at the Acorns vs. Gibault, the low scorer of the night for Okawville was Avery Killion (Sr) with a 44. Macie Staley (Jr) – 49, Taylor Hettenhausen (So) – 53, and Paige Reichmann (Jr) – 72. Team score – 218. 

On September 9 at home vs. Freeburg and Mascoutah, the low scorer for Okawville was Taylor Hettenhausen (So) – 45. Avery Killion (Sr) – 46, Macie Staley (Jr) – 47, Paige Riechmann (Jr) – 67. Team score 205.

On September 16 at home vs. Red Bud, Marissa, and Mater Dei, the low score from Okawville was Macie Staley (Jr) – 43. Taylor Hettenhausen (So) – 49, Avery KIllion (Sr) – 51, Erin Nilles (Sr) and Paige Riechmann (Jr)  – 52. Team score 195, winning the 4-way match by 11 strokes. 

On September 21 at home vs Centralia, this match was supposed to be senior night. However, it was raining constantly and the coaches decided to cancel it. Instead, they had another idea. Both teams would scramble and see who wins. The Lady Rockets beat Centralia by 2 strokes. 

The Lady Rockets had their very first conference tournament on September 20 as well. This was played here at home. The team placed 1st out of 5 small school teams. With a  team score of 400. Macie Staley (Jr) placed 3rd with a score of 90. Taylor Hettenhausen (So) placed 4th with a score of 99.  Avery Killion (Sr) placed 8th with a score of 104. These 3 girls were named All-Conference players since they did so well. Erin Nilles (Sr) – 107 and Pagie Reichman (Jr) – 134. 

On September 23 at Red Bud vs Chester and Waterloo, Waterloo won the 4-way match but the Lady Rockets came in second with a 200. The low scorer from Okawville was Macie Staley (Jr) with a 46. Taylor Hettenhausen (So) – 50, Avery Killion (Sr) – 50, Erin Nilles (Sr) – 54, Paige Reichmann (Jr) – 63.

On September 27 at Marissa, both coaches decided just to play the course as a par 3. Okawville won the match with a 161. Avery Killion (Sr) – 37, Taylor Hettenhausen (So) – 38, Macie Staley (Jr) – 41, Erin Nilles (Sr) – 45, Paige Riechmann (Jr) – 51. 

The Lady Rockets are now preparing for their upcoming regional tournament on September 30, which will be played at Stonewolf Golf Club. This will be a very challenging regional tournament.  Good Luck to the Lady Rockets in regionals!