Lucky Ducks are Back!


Lydia Luechtefeld, Staff Writer

Once again this year, some mornings during the daily announcements, a few lucky students at Okawville Jr./Sr. High School are randomly chosen to be Lucky Ducks.

If the student’s name is called that day, then they get to go down to the office to receive a unique rubber duck along with an available treat of their choosing. These treats could include Gatorade, candy, or any other food that might be down there. After the student chooses their prize, they get to take a group picture with the other students who were chosen to be a Lucky Duck that day. The Student Council buys and donates the ducks and treats. 

Ava Bruck, a student at OHS, was recently chosen to be a lucky duck. When I asked Ava what prize she chose she replied with,”I chose a Capri Sun and a pink cow duck.” The Lucky Ducks are a great way to raise morale among the students. It gives kids something to look forward to when they go to school.