Yearbook Pie Stand Still has Good Turnout at Wheat Festival


Thor Gavin

Alyssa Gavin readies the outside of the pie stand for customers.

Addison Hasheider, JH Staff Writer

This year the Okawville Yearbook pie stand was very different from previous years. Due to the certain restrictions the virus has placed upon us, the yearbook staff was not allowed to have their usual delicious homemade pies. Even with the setback, the pie stand still had a good turnout. There were mini blueberry, cherry, lemon, and pecan pies all store-bought. There were also choolate cakes, cinnamon cakes, and lemon cakes. Over the 3 day festival, the stand made around 1,000 dollars which is quite a bit less than usual. The rain on Sunday didn’t help either and scared a lot of people away. 

On a usual year, they sell about 1,000 pieces of their delicious, mouthwatering, homemade pie. This year they unfortunately only sold about 300 store-bought pies and had quite a few leftovers after the Wheat Fest. On the bright side, this year they sold a lot more hot dogs, chili dogs, and nachos than ever before. The Yearbook staff also had the chance to sell the remaining pies to the students in Mrs. Donovan’s room. I asked Mrs. Donovan, the yearbook adviser, what she thought about this year’s pie stand. She said, “We would like to thank everyone who supported us, every little bit helps and we are proud to be in a community that works together no matter the obstacle.” If the health department allows it, they plan to bring back tasty homemade pies next year!