Little Caesar’s Fundraiser was a Success!

Alayna Kraus, Staff Writer

A couple of weeks back, the Okawville Launch Pad staff held a fundraiser to raise money for the upcoming year. The co-editors, Briley Rhodes and Jared Juenger, decided to do a Little Caesar’s fundraiser, which ended up being very successful.

The Little Caesar’s fundraiser consisted of a variety of pizza kits, Crazy Bread, cookie dough, and many other accessories. The student’s job was to sell 3-5 items, but over just a few weeks, the selling was taken to the next level. They sold 257 items in all. The Launch Pad’s goal, in the end, was to raise around a little above $500 or so, but ended up with a whopping $1,542!  Funds will be used to pay for web hosting fees and staff shirts.

The fundraiser got its big delivery on September 22. There was an overwhelming amount of boxes. Multiple Launch Pad members volunteered their time after school to help separate the items so they could be distributed appropriately to those who ordered. The Launch Pad ended up with an exceptionally good fundraiser to start the year!