KC Prepares OHS Students for College


Jared Juenger, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, October 20th, Okawville High School welcomed Jill Klostermann and Fran Windler from Kaskaskia College for College Night.  All Okawville High School students were invited to attend along with their parents.  The presentation focused on all things college.  Topics discussed were everything from taking a single class for job training to certificates to Associates Degrees to Bachelor’s Degrees and beyond.  Fran Windler, Coordinator of Student Outreach and Athletic Engagement at KC, gave a brief description of what to focus on when deciding where to go for college and other important information about what to expect at the college level.  Jill Klostermann, Director of Financial Aid at KC, then gave a presentation on all topics of financial aid,  explaining the cost of attendance, FAFSA, scholarships, grants, and loans.  Overall, College Night had a great turnout of many students and parents taking home valuable information.