Teacher Spotlight : Mrs. Fuhrman


Lily Cragen, JH Staff Writer

Mrs. Rachel Fuhrman is a High School and Jr. High teacher at Okawville Jr. Sr. High School. She teaches 7th grade language arts and 7th grade literature for the Jr. High, while also teaching English 1 and English 2 for the High School. She has been teaching at Okawville for 10 years now. Mrs. Fuhrman is always kind and respectful, and she plays music before class for her students as they transition from class to class. 

Some of the things her students do in class consist of revising paragraphs and looking at pictures trying to pull out the details. Another thing her students do is logic puzzles to learn how to pull out and focus on details from the text. “Werewolf” is one of the students’ favorite activities as it helps with critical thinking.

Here are a few things to get to know Mrs. Fuhrman a little more in detail. She used to be extremely involved in sports and self-defense classes, but, sadly, multiple injuries have slowed her involvement down quite a bit. Some of her hobbies include painting, drawing, reading, writing poetry, listening to music, and working on many different types of puzzles. Mrs. Fuhrman also enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her two adorable cats.

Mrs. Fuhrman chose to be a teacher because she is deeply compassionate and wants to be there for all students who need someone for guidance and support. “I chose English as my focus because I am very passionate about English, and I love having discussions and learning just as much, if not more, from my students as they learn from me,” said Mrs. Fuhrman. “I also strongly believe in the importance of duality, so I’m always trying to find a balance of seriousness and fun within my classes. My favorite part of each day is getting to laugh with the students and creating special, unique memories with each class.”