Jr. High Cheer is Here to Rally!


KateLyn Borrenpohl, Junior High Editor

The Jr. High cheer squad is back and has already had a couple of games. The Jr. High cheerleaders are coached by Amy Gibbs. There are two 8th graders, Abby Brennfleck and Lexi Jarden, one 7th grader, Julia Helbig, and five 6th graders, Brynnley Compton, Petra Galliano, Kinley Mueller, Megan Priester, and Sarah Bornemann. They also have one manager, Paige Kolweier.

I asked Coach Gibbs if she saw potential in this group of girls. She replied with “I see a lot of potential in all of my girls!” She is very proud of how hard they have worked since they started practicing this summer. It is an all-new squad this year, so they had a lot to learn and they are doing a great job adapting. Basketball has just started, so they have only cheered at 4 games. I asked Coach Gibbs what made her want to coach cheerleading. Coach Gibbs said, “I have been very fortunate to have had such wonderful squads the past 8 years I’ve coached!” She has been coaching for 8 years now and loves coaching cheer. She knew that she should be a cheer coach ever since she was on the pom-pon squad in high school. Coach Gibbs always thought that coaching cheer would be fun and entertaining and she was right! Good luck to the Jr. High Cheerleaders for the rest of their season.