Schleifer gives solid performance at State Cross Country Finals

Elizabeth Frederking, Hannah Miller, and Briley Rhodes


Hannah Miller, Staff Writer

On Saturday, November 6, Grant Schleifer competed in the Cross Country State meet in Peoria. He would have had the opportunity to compete in state last year, but there were COVID restrictions that would not allow the meet to be held. This year things were different, and he was able to compete.

Grant had a very tough journey to get to state, but he was able to make the best of it. He first had to compete in regionals which took place in Benton. He placed 6th out of 110 runners with a time of 15:26, allowing him to make it out of regionals as the top individual not on an advancing team.

The next step for Grant was Sectionals. Sectionals took place in Trenton at the Wesclin High school. He placed 8th out of 156 runners with a time of 16:39. He was then able to make it to state as an individual. 

The state competition took place at Detweller Park in Peoria, Illinois. Grant placed 74th out of 260 runners with a time of 16:20, which is very impressive when competing against the best runners in the state.

The School was extremely proud of Grant and all of his accomplishments and wanted to wish him luck before he headed off to state. Please refer to the video that shows the interview and send off to see more.