Science Club Explores the Wilderness

Jared Juenger, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Saturday, November 13, the Okawville High School Science Club traveled to Makanda, Illinois to explore the hiking trails at Giant City State Park.  This was the club’s first time hiking in two years, due to no field trips last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Mrs. Kim Lintker attended the trip as the Science Club advisor.  

Students hiked trails such as the Giant City Trail, Indian Creek Trail, Devil’s Standtable Nature Trail, and a few others.  Although the weather was not ideal for hiking, as it was cloudy and cold with a slight breeze, the group made the most of this opportunity together by exploring the trails.  The group was lucky enough to find cool caves and rocks to climb on while creating memories together they will never forget.  “Memories were made,” said sophomore Bennett Krohne.

Mrs. Lintker thought the trip was a success overall.  “Everyone came back without injuries and enjoyed the crisp November day,” said Mrs. Lintker.   “I enjoyed the Giant City Trail the most.  It seemed to be the trail that allowed us to adventure off the path the most.  There were lots of rocks to climb and overlooks to appreciate.  I also enjoyed all the energy the fellow OHS hikers had,” added Lintker.  “They all seemed to have a good time.”

I was fortunate enough to attend this trip, and I am so glad I went.  The group was so fun to be with and we saw some pretty neat things.  It was a great way to appreciate the little things in life we may not always acknowledge.  Fall is my favorite season and seeing all the orange and yellow leaves really helped me see nature’s true beauty.   I am already looking forward to the spring hiking trip!