OHS has Rocket Fever!


Megan Rennegarbe, News/Features Editor

As Homecoming week comes to an end, the big pep rally comes around the corner. This year’s pep rally committee consisted of Wilson Welch, Briley Rhodes, Adysen Harre, and Rylan Nelson. They all had a great pep rally planned starting with the introductions of the basketball teams and cheerleaders. Both the Rockets and the Lady Rockets ran out and did their pre-game warm-up routine with the pep band and then introduced themselves. 

After that, the games began. First up was the class relays. There were 5 teams total and the team to come in the lead was the senior boys’ team. This team consisted of Levi Traub, Cole Wiedwilt, Lukas Hearn, and Evan Miller. After the relays were musical chairs. This game was very competitive, and the victor was Syndey Tebbe. Last but not least was Mr. Gaebe’s performance as Jimmy the Jock. Jimmy told us all about his life in sports, and there was even an epic fight between Jimmy and Bennett Krohne. The students had an absolute blast at this pep rally and it was overall just an amazing way to start Homecoming.

OHS Cheerleaders perform the school dance routine with the pep band.
The Boys Basketball team is introduced to the school.
The girls basketball team and cheerleaders are introduced to the school.
Juniors attempt to put on a frozen t-shirt during the relay game.
Students wait for the music to stop during a game of musical chairs.
The pep band providing music for the crowd.
Jimmy the Jock (Mr. Gaebe) attempts to lift weights.